Writing Coaching

I coach writers one-on-one with their fiction and nonfiction projects. While there are a limited number of appointments and consultations available, I am flexible and happy to discuss the scope of the work in advance. My rate is 120/hour. My former students and clients include:

Tara Conklin, author of the NYT Bestseller The House Girl

Shannon Huffman Polson, author of North of Hope

Elissa Washuta, author of My Body Is A Book of Rules.

Gail Hudson, co-author of several of Jane Goodall's books

Nicole Hardy, author of Confessions of a Latter Day Virgin

Paulette Perhach, Seattle area writer


Finishing Your Book: Year-Long Intensive Prose Class (at Hugo House)

In weekly meetings over the course of the 2014-15 academic year, this Hugo Class (now in its second year with Peter teaching) will provide advanced and dedicated writers with an intensive path toward finishing a complete and publishable draft of a book (fiction or nonfiction). Whether you are early in the writing process or already have a rough draft, this year-long course will help you set and achieve clear goals, as well as write and revise with intention. The first quarter of instruction will focus on developing proficiency with the writing tools (craft elements) that you will need to use, and the remaining two quarters will largely be comprised of workshops and writing toward personally devised deadlines. At the end of the year, there will be a two-day, weekend-long intensive on the book business and finding a market for your book. In June, Hugo House will host a culminating celebration and reading.