Finding The Best Literary Agent for Your Book (two blog posts!)

This week I’ve released not one but TWO blog posts about literary agents. Read on:

  1. "Wait, Do I Really Need a Literary Agent?” appeared on my own blog at my writing coach, and talks about what an agent does and doesn’t do. Part of this is understanding the value of going with a traditional publisher over self-publishing, and it gives some tips on how to approach agents. “Real literary agents only take 15% of the proceeds from the sale of your writing. They don’t get paid in advance, and they don’t ask for money from their authors. If an agent asks for money from you, run.“

  2. 9 Literary Agent Red Flags” appeared on Hugo House’s blog and runs down nine things to look out for when considering agents. “While a new agent may not have much a track record—and that’s valid—an agent with 20 years of experience without many recent deals has a serious problem.”