Where I Write

I like to be sitting up, but also I like to be really comfortable, so I write in the corner of this gray sectional sofa with my expensive laptop perched perilously on the cushion. Sitting there, I can glance up and see the weather through the windows, or cars threading through Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood. Also, I can see the front door of the apartment, in case any villains attempt to gain entry. My partner Jessica Mooney prefers to write while seated at our dining room table, and if I’m in the corner of the sofa and she’s at the table, we can see each other (although if we’re paying attention to each other when we’re supposed to be writing, that means the writing is going really badly).

You’ll note that there’s a small side table beside me for coffee, water, bowls of mixed nuts, gin and tonics, or anything else I want to keep me company while I work. You’ll also notice a very fluffy and ugly red blanket that I bought from Fred Meyer, which is my writing blanket. I wash it with tons of scented detergent so that it reeks of “freshness” in a way that is very comforting to me.

This post originally appeared on the Hugo House blog as part of their series #wherewewrite